Visitor Information

Santa is coming to town!!

We want everyone to be able to have a happy and safe time at Big Tree Night, so we've compiled a list of things that may help you

Big Tree Night Timetable

*Subject to change

  • 1pm – SLIP ROADS CLOSE by Sainsburys/Post Office in Shepperton High Street and remain closed until 9pm
  • From 2pm – Stall holders start to arrive and start to set up stalls
  • 4pm – A portion of SHEPPERTON HIGH STREET CLOSES from the traffic lights in the north, to Mere Road in the south - this will remain closed to 9pm
  • 5:00pm – Big Tree Night/stalls opens
  • 5-8:30pm – Entertainment from the stage
  • 6:20pm – SANTA & HIS REINDEER arrive and travel down the High Street from the stage area (in front of the traffic lights) to the Library
  • 6:30-8pm – Santa and his reindeer are available for visits at Shepperton Village Hall
  • 6:30pm – Official Mayoral Opening & Carols at the stage led by the Rev Chris Swift
  • 7:00pm – Redz Dance Crew (Stage)
  • 7:30pm – Announcement of Window Competition Winners
  • 8:30pm – Santa & his reindeer depart for Lapland & Big Tree Night closes
  • 8:45pm – Stalls Close
  • 10:00pm – All access roads & High Street re-open

First Aid/St John's Ambulance

St John's Ambulance is positioned at the end of Manor Farm Avenue, half way down the closed off section of the High Street (see map). Please call 999 immediately if an emergency.

Lost Children or Parents

The meeting point for lost children and parents will be at the St John's Ambulance (see above). Please ask an SDBC Organiser to put out an announcement.

Lost Property

If you find any lost property, please hand it into an SDBC Organiser (wearing a hi-vis jacket). Any recovered lost property will be held by the main stage and an announcement will be made if possible. Any unclaimed or unmarked lost property at the end of the event will be donated to a charity shop in the High Street.

Community Toilets

Community toilets will be available at the Golden Grill Restaurant, 70 High Street or Costa Coffee, Thurlestone Parade (by The Big Tree).

Travel & Parking

If you live in Shepperton, we advise you to walk to the High Street! Buses will be on diversion, roads will be busy and parking will be at a premium. The closest available public parking is at Manor Park (£) at the Memorial end of the High Street. Alternatively, take the train, as the station is within a few steps of Big Tree Night.

Even with this December's South Western rail strike, they are running a train an hour up to and back to Kingston (change at Kingston for stations nearer London).

Buses on Diversion

The closure of Shepperton High Street will affect two services: 555 and 557 - both will divert up/down Green Lane or Russell Road up to Marshall's Roundabout. The 555 stops on Russell Road will be missed but will stop at Shepperton Station Approach.

Please contact Hallmark Buses for more information about times and stops.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause local travellers.


Music Licences

This event has been supported by the PPL PRS charity and community discount scheme.

PPL PRS licenses the use of copyright music across the UK, giving businesses and organisations the permission they need to play the music they want.

For more information about PPL PRS, visit or call 0800 0720 808